AN 32 Crash: 18 Members of Rescue Team Stranded in Peri Hill in Arunachal

AN 32 Crash: 18 Members of Rescue Team Stranded in Peri Hill in Arunachal

AN 32 AN 32

Itanagar, June 19, 2019:

Another rescue team has been sent to the crash site of the IAF's AN 32 aircraft which crashed in Arunachal Pradesh's Payum Circle in West Siang district. Meanwhile, no clue about the whereabouts of the first team has been found. For three days no sortie of helicopter to the crash site.

As per reports, the 18 members of the rescue team sent to recover the remains of the IAF crew of the AN 32 and passengers after the detection of crash site on last Tuesday are stranded at the Peri hills since Thursday.

There is no concrete information about where they might be camping. In the last three days, helicopter sortie to the crash site is being halted by the rain and cloud.

Another huge team has been sent to the crash site on foot to rescue and safe return of the search team. By the evening of tomorrow the second team comprises of 4 IAF, 4 ARMY, one local hunter and 11 porters should reach the crash site.

Meanwhile, all the members of the rescue team are safe and sound and will return soon. It is being expected that the five local Arunachalese mountaineers might know how to survive in such conditions who were a part of the first rescue team.

They had already recovered the remaining body parts of the onboard IAF personnel and important Aircraft equipment from the crash site.

But, at the same time this incident also proves that our country is yet to be develop a advanced mechanism to handle such situations.

Meanwhile, another team, comprising commandos of IAF, member of Special Forces of the Indian Army and civilian porters, is on its way to the crash site on foot and is likely to reach the site today.

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