Itanagar Court grants bail to Graffiti Artist Neelim Mahanta

Itanagar Court grants bail to Graffiti Artist Neelim Mahanta

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On Tuesday, an Itanagar court granted bail to Assam graffiti artist Neelim Mahanta, who was detained by Arunachal police on Sunday. The graffiti artist was allegedly detained in connection with his artwork criticizing the development of a mega dam project.

On Sunday, Itanagar police arrested him from his residence in Assam's Lakhimpur. Meanwhile, the Arunachal Pradesh administration has issued a statement regarding his detention.

The Arunachal administration stated that there were no plans to restrict freedom of expression. A government spokeswoman stated in an official announcement that the arrests were not made in response to any anti-dam or other rallies.

The government clarified that no protesters were arrested, but rather two people who had defaced public property.

Notably, the state celebrated its 50th anniversary, and the government commissioned the 'Wall of Harmony' to commemorate the occasion through public art on the State Civil Secretariat boundary wall along the National Highway through the capital Itanagar.


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Published On: Mar 29, 2022