Three Assam Residents killed by train in Andhra Pradesh

Three Assam Residents killed by train in Andhra Pradesh

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Three of the five people killed by a train in Andhra Pradesh's Srikakulam on Monday night were identified as Assamese residents on Tuesday. Pasumantri Vajulu, Banishar Basumairy, and Rashidul Islam, all Assamese, have been identified. Notably, the identities of the remaining two victims are still unknown.


On Monday night, five people were tragically killed after being run over by a train in the Andhra Pradesh district of Srikakulam. According to police, the five people killed were from a Guwahati-bound superfast express who had gotten down onto the adjacent railway track when their train came to a halt due to a technical problem.


These people were run over by the Konark Express, which was coming from the opposite direction. According to police, some passengers on the Coimbatore-Silchar Express pulled the chain after noticing smoke coming out of a compartment between the Cheepurupalle and G Sigadam railway stations in the Srikakualm district.