7 Genius Hacks to Master the Art of Packing Light!

15 May, 2024

Credit: Canva

Choose versatile clothing items that can be mixed and matched.

Credit: Canva

Minimalist Wardrobe

Pack layers for various weather conditions to maximize outfit options.

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Stick to a couple of pairs that are versatile and comfortable for walking.

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Limit shoes

Rolling clothes saves space and minimises wrinkles.

Credit: Pinterest

Roll, Don't Fold

Opt for items that serve multiple functions, like a scarf that can be a blanket or a sarong that doubles as a beach towel.

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Multi-purpose Items

Transfer liquids into travel-sized containers and only pack what you'll use.

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Toiletry Essentials

Substitute heavy books with e-readers and physical maps with smartphone apps to save space and weight.

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Digital Alternatives