The Assam Movement (1979-1985) was a protest against illegal immigration to Assam.

The movement was led by the All Assam Students Union (AASU) and the Assam Gana Sangram Parishad.

Its primary goal was to persuade the government to deport illegal immigrants from Assam.

The movement was mostly nonviolent, except for the Nellie massacre.

The Assam Accord, signed in 1985, marked the end of the movement.

The conflict between indigenous people and immigrants from other parts of the country triggered the movement.

The movement demanded the updating of the voter list to remove illegal names and the permanent closure of the Indo-Bangladesh border.

Picketing, school closures, and bandhs were part of the early stages of the movement.

An economic blockade was imposed, resulting in President's rule in December 1979.

The movement took a violent turn in February 1983 with attacks on villagers in Nellie and other areas.