Animals That Can Live Without Water For Years

11 June, 2024

Credit: Pexels

The water holding frog adapts by burrowing into soil during dry seasons, storing water in its bladder and skin. It forms a cocoon of its own skin, feeding on it to survive for years in harsh conditions.

Credit: Wikipedia

Water Holding Frog

The thorny devil, found in Central Australian deserts, collects moisture through specialised scales, transporting it to the mouth through tongue movements. Its unique adaptation thrives in arid conditions by capturing rainfall and dew.

Credit: The Guardian

Thorny Devil

The Mojave and Sonoran desert tortoises store water in their oversized bladders, enabling survival for a year or more without water. Alarming them can trigger fear-based urination, risking water loss from their vital reserves.

Credit: Wikipedia

Desert Tortoise

They thrive in the desert by burrowing into wet sand, retaining moisture with shed skin layers. They grow fast, with eggs hatching in under 2 days. Young toads reach half adult in less than 3 months.

Credit: Wikipedia

Couch's Spadefoot Toad

It survives without water through specialised kidneys, fur-lined cheek pouches for seed storage, and metabolising seeds for water. Its oily coat and minimized moisture loss in nasal passages conserve water.

Credit: Wikipedia

Kangaroo Rat