Animals with sharp, long claws 

Lion The lion has sharp, curved claws that are perfect for gripping prey.

Harpy eagle The harpy eagle has some of the largest and most powerful claws of all the raptors.

Giant anteater The giant anteater has very long, sharp claws that are used for tearing through the tough armor of an anthill.

Alligators Alligators don't use their claws for hunting, but may also use their claws to help grab food to tear pieces.

Folivora Sloths also have very long claws, but they rarely use them for fighting.

Bears Grizzly bear with large paws and claws laying on rock in Montana, USA.

Great horned owl The great horned owl has the most powerful talons of any raptor in America.

Cheetah Cheetah paws have semi-retractable claws and spots on the bottom of their paws.