Animals You Can't Keep at Home in India

09 July, 2024

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Protected under conservation laws due to their endangered status, it is illegal to keep tigers as pets in India. India has the largest population of wild tigers, which play a crucial role in the ecosystem.

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Elephants are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act and are illegal to keep as pets due to their endangered status. These majestic creatures are revered in Indian culture and often used in religious ceremonies.

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Leopards are listed as vulnerable and protected by law to prevent poaching and illegal trade. They are highly adaptable and can thrive in various habitats across India.

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Sloth bears are vulnerable species and protected under wildlife laws, making it illegal to keep them as pets. They are known for their distinctive shaggy fur and long claws, which are often misunderstood.

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Sloth Bears

Indian Star Tortoises are protected to curb their illegal trade in the pet market. Their unique star-patterned shells make them highly sought after, driving illegal activities.

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Indian Star Tortoises

Hoolock Gibbons are endangered and protected under national and international laws, making it illegal to keep them as pets. They are the only apes found in India and are known for their distinct and loud calls.

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Hoolock Gibbons

Many species of Macaws are protected due to their declining populations, making it illegal to keep them as pets in India. These vibrant and colorful parrots are often smuggled illegally from the Americas.

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Indian Pangolins are critically endangered and protected due to extensive poaching for their scales. They are the most trafficked mammals in the world, making their protection crucial.

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Indian Pangolins