Never swim in this haunted lake of Assam

This picturesque Neelapani lake also known as paradise lakeĀ is located in Assam's Nagaon district

If folklore is to be believed, there are some intriguing explanations for why so many young people died in this lake

Under the water's surface, there is a mysterious or mystical force at work

When a swimmer falls into deep water, they are pulled under, where they eventually drowns for lack of oxygen

According to anotherĀ tale, there was a stone quarry in the middle of the mountains

This magnificent lake was created as a result of the area's drilling and blasting operations

The quarry was being operated against official rules, but over time it began to become a popular tourist destination

It is believed that the water of Neelapani lake have some toxic chemicals in it

Some believe that ignorance of people regarding the depth of the lake and poor swimming skills causes so many deaths

While others believe that souls of the people who died there still lurks in and around the place