World's shortest tribe Mbuti Pygmies of Africa

The Mbuti who are usually called as the forest people, are considered the shortest among all tribes in the world whose height rarely exceeds 4 feet 6 inches

Often mystified and romanticized by outsiders, the Mbuti tribe is often referred as the forest people and the shortest among all tribes. Their height rarely exceeds 4 feet 6 inches

Some have viewed the Mbuti in a utopian light, noting their egalitarian political and social structure, absence of warfare, sacred rituals, and close-knit social relationships with each other as well as their environment

The Mbuti are divided into three primary linguistic-geographical groups, the Efe, the Aka, and the Sua, as a result of adopting the language of those villagers with whom they came into contact

The Mbuti, on the contrary, view the forest as a parental deity deserving love and praise in return for providing them with all they need. For this reason, the Mbuti call themselves bamiki bandura (the children of the forest). 

Although techniques vary, all Mbuti traditionally have met their subsistence needs by hunting and gathering.

Among net hunters, men and women participate cooperatively in the hunt using strong nets made of a forest vine (nkusa) that average approximately 1 meter high and 30 to 100 meters long

Among bow hunters such as the Efe Mbuti, cooperation is also required for a successful hunt, but women do not participate directly in the hunt.