Rarest Birds in the North East

Whooping Crane Known for its whooping sound, It is the tallest bird in North America. They have long necks they are kept straight during flight.

Purple Gallinule The purple gallinule is unique in that it has purple-blue plumage, which sometimes shines green under certain lighting.

Tundra Swan It is known for its white feathers and long, elegant neck. Appearance-wise, they are very similar to trumpeter swans.

Corn Crake It is a medium-sized bird that’s known for its strong, flesh-toned bill.

King Eider The king eider is one of the most distinctive species of sea ducks in the world. Males are more recognizable with multicolored heads.

Three-banded rosefinch Researchers from BHNS recently discovered this rare bird species, called the three-banded rosefinch in Arunachal Pradesh.

Great Spotted Woodpecker It is a medium-sized woodpecker with pied black and white plumage and a red patch on the lower belly.

Chinese Francolin Like all Francolins, they are easy to detect by calls and slightly more difficult to see.

Stripe-breasted Woodpecker A woodpecker that loves higher altitudes. It is said to occur in ideal altitudes in Meghalaya, Nagaland, and possibly (still) in Manipur.

Elliot’s Laughingthrush The species must be occurring along the higher reaches close to the McMahon line in Arunachal Pradesh while the only reported occurrence was Upper Dibang valley past Anini

Hume’s Pheasant Dashingly plumaged, long-tailed terrestrial bird. Male has chestnut body, steely blue neck and wing patches, white wingbars, and a long black-and-white banded tail.

Mount Victoria Babax Known only from Mount Victoria in Myanmar and Blue Mountain National Park in Mizoram, It is a streaky brown babbler with a slightly down-curved dark bill and thick black moustache strip

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