Flop movies of Shah Rukh Khan

November 2, ,2023

Fan was not a whole flop it actually only doesn't got what was expected. It was clashed with major Hollywood movie- Jungle book. 


The story is simple, but performances of Shahrukh Khan and Irrfan Khan are what makes the movie worth watching.


Jab Hary Met Sejal is a complete disaster coming after Tamasha. Tamasha still was better in the content. 

Jab Harry Met Sujal

Dear Zindagi received positive reviews from critics, with particular praise directed towards Bhatt and Khan's performances, yet the film was not very good in box office.

Dear Zindagi

Despite being one of Shah Rukh Khan's best movies, it didn't do well at all. Crafted with a budget of Rs. 22 Crore, the film only mustered a paltry 16 Crore in India.


While the official budget of Pathaan has not yet been revealed, reports say that the movie was made on a huge budget of Rs. 250 crores.


SRK's Ashoka did not do well in the box office despite being a big, brash and deeply enjoyable Bollywood epic.


When Sunder loses everything, he seeks refuge in a graveyard, where he befriends a ghost.


Its definitely something truly rare and Unique art piece that I never got to witness from bollywood!