Flowers that Symbolise Romantic Love 

RED ROSES No flower is more closely linked with love and romance than the red rose.

RED TULIPS Tulips in general symbolise "perfect love", but it's red tulips that symbolise romance and passion.

RED LILIES Another popular alternative to red roses are red lilies.

DAHLIAS  Not only do dahlias make lovely additions to summer and autumn gardens, these beautiful blooms also symbolise eternal love and commitment.

RED ASTERS They may be small, but asters can have big meaning.

HELIOTROPES Another flower you likely wouldn't think of as symbolising eternal love is the humble heliotrope.

FORGET-ME-NOTS Belonging to the same family as Heliotropes, forget-me-nots are also symbols of everlasting love and respect.

HONEYSUCKLES Known to represent burning love, honeysuckles symbolise devotion and affection.

SUNFLOWERS Being a forever reminder of sunny days, the sunflower is a beautiful way to express eternal feelings of friendship and happiness.

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