Indigenous Tribes of Tripura

20 Nov,2023

The largest tribal community in Tripura, the Tripuris have their own distinctive language and culture.


This is one of the significant tribal communities in Tripura. They have their own language and cultural practices.

Reangs (also known as Bru)

The Jamatia tribe is another important tribal community in the state.


Though the Chakma community is more prevalent in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh, there is also a significant population in Tripura.


The Halam tribe is one of the smaller tribal communities in Tripura.

Halam (Malsum)

The Mog tribe is also present in Tripura, and they have their own language and traditions.


The Noatia community is a smaller tribal group in the state.


The Uchoi tribe is another minor tribal community in Tripura.