Meet Sikkim's Wonder Woman - Eksha Hang Subba: A Cop, Supermodel, Biker, Boxer

Supercop Eksha Hang Subba is not just a police officer.

Supermodel Eksha Hang Subba is a supermodel too.

Biker Eksha Hang Subba is biker too and loves to ride whenever she gets time.

State Level Boxer One many not believe but Eksha Hang Subba is aboxer too. She up boxing for fitness after her father encouraged her. Soon, she represented Sikkim in boxing at national level.

Eksha Hang Subba joined police at 19 years Since Eksha Hang Subba was the sole breadwinner for her family being the eldest sibling, she joined Sikkim's Police Force when she was only 19.

MTV Contestant While working as a cop, Eksha auditioned and was selected for MTV Show.

Breaking Sterotypes Eksha Hang is yet another Indian woman who bekives in breaking stereotypes.

Eksha Hang Subba on Instagram Eksha Hang Subba is ery popular on Instagram as well with 217k followers.

Pat on the Back Industrialist Anand Mahindra has even commended Eksha for her grit and determination.

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