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Rare and magic moments of Rajaji Tiger Reserve

-June 11, 2024

Deers, like most wild animals, generally prefer to avoid human interaction, including being photographed. They are naturally wary and may feel threatened or stressed by the presence of humans. Photo credit- ashoksikri

"The Photo Shoot"

Wolves exhibit complex social behaviors, relying on pack dynamics for survival. Their communication involves howling, marking territory with scent, and intricate body language. Cooperative hunting and caring for young are key aspects of their specialized behaviors. Photo credit- @ayushbijalwan_

"The underrated beauty"

Most owl species are nocturnal, meaning they are primarily active during the night. This behavior helps them avoid competition with diurnal predators and prey. Photo credit- ashoksikri

"Cute Yawning"

The spotted owl exhibits territorial behavior, fiercely defending its nesting and roosting sites against intruders. During courtship, they engage in elaborate hooting duets, a key part of their mating ritual. Photo credit- ashoksikri

"Single eye"

The male peacock displays its vibrant iridescent tail feathers during courtship to attract females, performing elaborate dances. These displays showcase genetic fitness and play a crucial role in mate selection. Photo credit- @trikansh_sharma

"Peafowls in action"

Green bee-eaters are known for their acrobatic aerial displays during courtship, where they engage in mid-air chases and impressive dives to impress potential mates. Photo credit- ashoksikri

"Sharing food"

The jaguar, a skilled solitary hunter, exhibits remarkable stealth and ambush tactics, often silently stalking its prey before launching a powerful and precise attack. Photo credit- fly_with_jenisha

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"Guldaar in golden light"

In the forest's embrace, a silent bond blooms, as deer and langur dance through dappled sunlight, weaving tales of camaraderie amidst nature's symphony. Photo credit- @vijaysinghranaphotography

"What no one else ever thought"