Tax free nations around the world


The Bahamas is one of the most attractive countries with no tax in the West Indies. Here, obtaining citizenship is not mandatory for enjoying a tax-free life

The Bahamas

Panama is a Central American country with a wide array of skyscrapers, beaches and casinos. It has tax-saving laws and an extremely flexible legal structure


The Cayman Islands are a tax haven in the Caribbean Sea. Apart from having no income tax, this country also has no payroll, capital gains and withholding tax.

Cayman Islands

Dominica is another nation on the list of countries with no tax on income. There are no corporate, estate or withholding taxes in this nation.


Dubai is a tax-free nation when it comes to imposing income tax on most of its citizens. However, if you own an oil business, there is a tax rate of 55 per cent


UAE is a tax-free country. Apart from having no tax implications on personal income, this nation has no obligations for tax registration or reporting. 


Kuwait does not impose any personal taxes on its citizens. But, foreign companies are applicable for corporate taxes.