Animals that can Eat Chocolate

Rats are able to metabolise theobromine efficiently, so that they can eat chocolate in small quantities.


They can metabolise theobromine effectively as well. They can also eat small amounts as well without any side effects.


Adult rabbits can digest chocolate without any side effects. However, rabbits are sensitive to sugar, it is not wise to feed them chocolate.


Chocolate can given to pigs as they are not toxic to them. However, too much chocolate can lead to weight gain.


They can consume chocolates in small quantities. Theobromine is not toxic to squirrels and they can eat small amounts.


They have a high tolerance for theobromine in chocolate and can eat it in small quantities.


Horse can eat small amount of chocolates as well. But again horses are sensitive to sugar so caution has to be maintained.


Chicken too can eat chocolate in small amounts. However they are sensitive to caffeine, so caution must be exercised.


Dogs are quite sensitive to theobromine. They have to be fed chocolate in very small quantity to avoid any issues.


Cows can eat chocolate in small amounts. It is not toxic to them and hence can be fed to them as a supplement. 


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