Trees that have  Deadly Thorns 

ACACIA (VACHELLIA) The acacia tree is a beautiful and deadly plant.

BOUGAINVILLEA Bougainvillea is a genus of flowering plants native to southern North America.

CACTUS (OPUNTIA) There are over two hundred species of cactus, and they are all native to the Americas.

CHICKASAW PLUM (PRUNUS ANGUSTIFOLIA) The Chickasaw plum is a native plum to the southeastern United States.

PYRACANTHA (FIRETHORN) Pyracantha is a genus of large, evergreen shrubs with white, pink, or red flowers.

HAWTHORN (CRATAEGUS) The hawthorn is a flowering shrub or small tree that is part of the rose family.

CARISSA MACROCARPA (NATAL PLUM) The Carissa macrocarpa, also known as the Natal plum, is a tree that is native to South Africa.

Namibian Bottle Tree The Namibian Bottle tree is a desert tree that is shaped like a bottle to hold water for the tree.

The Eastern Cottonwood The tree grows in lowland areas and along streams, allowing it to grow very fast.

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