World's most fascinating tunnels that you should visit once in your lifetime

The Laerdal Tunnel, Norway West Norway’s Lærdal tunnel stretches over 15 miles (24.5km) between the Aurland and Lærdal municipalities, providing a ferry-free connection between Oslo and Bergen

Tokyo Bay Aqua Line, Japan Built to connect the cities of Kawasaki and Kisarazu, Japan’s mighty part-bridge-part-tunnel structure the Aqua Line crosses Tokyo Bay

The Dark Hedges, UK This haunting tunnel of beech trees in Country Antrim known as the Dark Hedges shot to worldwide fame when it was used as the location for the Kingsroad in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Stockholm metro, Sweden Stockholm’s subway system has been lauded as the longest art gallery in the world due to the paintings, installations, mosaics and sculptures that adorn the 100 stations that populate its 106km tunnel system

Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland The longest and deepest railway tunnel in the world, Switzerland’s Gotthard Base Tunnel stretches 35.5 miles (57km) and whisks passengers deep under the Swiss Alps. 

Seikan Tunnel, Japan The Seikan Tunnel, which runs under the Tsugaru Strait and links Japan's Honshu Island with the northern neighbouring island of Hokkaido, holds the title of the world’s longest undersea tunnel.

Eisenhower Tunnel, USA Located at an altitude of more than 11,000 feet (3,400m), the Eisenhower Tunnel was a true engineering marvel when it opened as part of the Interstate 70 in 1979.

Channel Tunnel, UK and France The railway connects Folkestone in England with Coquelles in France and runs beneath the English Channel – it’s 246 feet (75m) below the seabed at its deepest point and takes around 35 minutes to travel along.

Mont Blanc Tunnel, France and Italy Another feat of modern engineering when it opened in 1965, the Mont Blanc Tunnel was the world's longest road tunnel at 7.2 miles (11.6km). 

Halnaker Tree Tunnel, UK This enchanting tunnel of trees is found along an ancient track in the South Downs National Park, which follows the old Roman road from London to Chichester.

Glow Worm Tunnel, Australia A dark and dank disused railway tunnel surrounded by lush rainforest in New South Wales’ Wollemi National Park has become an unlikely tourist attraction.

Tunnel Log, USA When a giant sequoia fell across a road in the Sequoia National Park in 1937, rather than move it, the park decided to cut a tunnel through it.

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