Arunachal: Anjaw district towns cut off due to damaged roads, power failures amid rain

Arunachal: Anjaw district towns cut off due to damaged roads, power failures amid rain

Arunachal Pradesh's Anjaw district faces severe connectivity issues due to erosion and landslides. Major routes are blocked, and restoration efforts are hampered by land disputes and extensive damage.

Anjaw District Cut Off: Erosion and Landslides Anjaw District Cut Off: Erosion and Landslides

The towns of Hawaii, Walong, and Kibitho near the Indo-China border have been completely cut off from the rest of India due to severe infrastructural damage caused by erosion and landslides.

Major connectivity issues have arisen in the area, with Hawaii and Walong disconnected from the main routes due to erosion in the Samdul area. Efforts to clear these blockages are expected to take about a week. The route from Hayuliang to Hawaii is operational but only through minor landslides, whereas the route from Tezu to Hayuliang has suffered significant damage, with approximately 250 meters of the road washed away at the Mompani area. Commuters are currently trekking for one and a half hours through rough and muddy terrain to cross this block point.
Restoration efforts are delayed due to land compensation disputes with the landowners.

Additionally, the BIPL company is undertaking a double lane widening project from Tidding to Hayuliang. Aitel network services have been affected due to damage to the OFC cable at multiple locations, resulting in a four-day internet blackout in Hawaii.

The Honorable Minister Smt. Dasanglu Pul has been stranded in Anjaw for seven days due to these disruptions. The BRO road from Parashuram Kund to Tidding has been heavily affected, with significant damage to RCC bridges and extensive erosion. Traffic is being rerouted through the longer Udayak Road. A meeting convened by the District Commissioner is scheduled for July 5th in Hawaii, with Minister and local MLA Dasanglu Pul expected to attend to address these issues.

Citizens are demanding helicopter services to Hayuliang and Hawaii on a daily basis until the roads are restored. Power supply in the district is severely affected due to the washout of poles along the 33KV line from Tezu to Hayuliang.

Furthermore, essential commodities such as ration, fuel (petrol and diesel), gas cylinders, and medicines are running out of stock, exacerbating the crisis. Restoration work is expected to take at least a month due to the extensive damage and the complexities involved.

Edited By: Krishna Medhi
Published On: Jul 04, 2024