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A trailblazer from Assam: The story of Padma Kumari Gohain - Assam’s first woman minister post independence

Feb 29, 2024

Born into a lineage steeped in history, Padma Kumari Gohain was born on February 24, 1913, in Shillong, the then capital of Assam. Descending from the Ahom Royal Family of Ahom Kings Swargadeos Gadadhar Singha, Rudra Singha, Rajeswar Singha, as their 6th, 5th, and 4th Great-granddaughter respectively, her lineage was marked by distinction. Her father, Rajkumar Siddeshwar Gohain, held a top position within the Assam Secretariat, while her mother, Rajkumari Subhadra Aideau, belonged to a respected family. 

World Day of Social Justice 2024 with Gender Inequality, Social Exclusion and Armed Conflict

Feb 20, 2024

Social justice, in simple terms, is equitable access to social, economic, political privileges and opportunities in a peaceful co-existing environment. The term was coined by Luigi Taparelli d’ Azeglio in 1843 who put forward a vision of justice that legitimates aristocratic rule by grounding it in supposedly natural inequalities between individuals.

Rahul Gandhi-Gaurav Gogoi: The Jodi that’s breaking Congress

Feb 18, 2024

More than ensuring a safe seat for Gaurav Gogoi and others, Rahul Gandhi and his lieutenants in Assam should now focus on putting up a united team, which is not compromised. Otherwise, no seat will remain safe ever.

Sikkim's 'Creatorpreneur' scheme; a stepping stone to national recognition with India's creator awards

Sikkim's 'Creatorpreneur' scheme; a stepping stone to national recognition with India's creator awards

Feb 11, 2024

Both initiatives share a common goal: empowering young creators to leverage their talents for positive impact. The "Creatorpreneur" scheme specifically targets Sikkimese youth, providing them with a platform to promote government initiatives and showcase their state's rich culture and heritage.

2023: A resurgent year in Assam’s legacy

Jan 11, 2024

As opposed to a decade ago when bandhs and strikes halted economic activity, today’s investor confidence in Assam seems to be the outcome of decisive governmental intervention in making Assam economically viable for investors.

Why celebrate Women and Nupilan of Manipur?

Dec 12, 2023

Manipur celebrates Nupilan on 12 December every year to observe the second women’s agitation of 1939 against colonial rule and its oppressive policies.

2024 and Modi hits a Hattrick: Behind the scenes to the glorious victory in 3 states

Dec 11, 2023

There were enormous challenges - while one state was having acute anti institutional wave, another state had a Chief Minister from the opposition trying his heart out to win, and there was open fair for "rebdi". At the same time, serious efforts were made to prove that PM Modi had lost his previous popularity and charisma.