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8 July 2018:

Emphasizing on the need to save forest and wildlife for our survival on this planet, Environment & Forest Minister said that GoAP will step in for total ban on hunting and killing of wild animals in the state as flora & fauna are on the decline.

Addressing a huge gathering at Kola Camp in Mani Panchayt of Doimukh circle on the occasion of 69th Vanmahotsava celebrationon Saturday, Rebia said that main agenda for plantation and its awareness is totally based on the need of the hour as global warming is threatening the human existence on the earth and added that in times to come if we do not stop the wanton destruction of nature and go for plantation it (human existence) will become stiffer.

He directed the GBs to make mass awareness on ill-effects of destruction of forest and wildlife and immediately inform the administration if they come across any illegality in this go so that the administration can take necessary action against the wrongdoers. Nature is providing us everything that we want right from vegetables, fruits, wood and many more and we need to love mother nature otherwise a time will come when we may not be able to survive in this planet for want of forest, oxygen and several other reasons, observed the Minister.

While lauding the imitative of the Hyer Habia Catchment Area Welfare Committee on preservation and protection of catchment areas, he urged upon all stakeholders and village elders, former PRI members and GBs to form ‘Van Rakshak Committee’ in all villages for preservation and protection of forest and wildlife in the state.

Underlining the need of more tree plantation and its effects on nature for our sustainable development, Rebia said it was essential for making balance of nature.

PCCF and Principal Secretary Environment & Forests, M Surya Prakash said that Forest department can only support and help the general public in preservation and protection of forest and wildlife; however, it is the responsibility of the masses and all stakeholders to come forward and join hands with the department.

He said that plantation of trees need to be taken as a mission so that our younger generation also follow suit and all these will help in conservation of nature.

Doimukh SDO Ibom Tao, DCF T Gapak, DFO Pakke Tiger Reserve Tana Tapi and DFO Banderedwa Neelan Nedo also spoke.

Earlier in the morning, a mass tree plantation started from Chiputa along the Trans-Arunachal Highway stretch and concluded at Kola Camp in which more than 1000 saplings were planted. Later, 100 saplings were distributed to the GBs of Lekha, Chiputa, Mani and Tigdo Panchayats.

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Published On: Jul 08, 2018