Arunachal Pradesh: Deliberations held on development of Biological Park in Itanagar

Arunachal Pradesh: Deliberations held on development of Biological Park in Itanagar

Deliberations were held today at the 6th Governing Board Meeting of Zoo Society where deliberations where held on the development of the Biological Park in Itanagar.


The 6th Governing Board Meeting of Zoo Society was held today in the conference hall of office of Department of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, at Itanagar. The meeting was chaired by the PCCF & HoFF(EF&CC) in presence of Governing Board members and special invitees. 

In the meeting various issues concerning the development and promotion of the Biological Park were deliberated upon and a suitable strategy was recommended for scientific management of the park and contiguous area from ecotourism point of view.
The Biological Park, Itanagar, covers an area of 250 hectares consisting of green belt of pristine tropical semi-evergreen forests. It is a wonderland with several species of flora and fauna adding biodiversity value to the whole capital region. 

Besides, it provides significant benefits to the residents of Itanagar Capital City for a healthy living. Seeing the nature of ecosystem surrounding Biological Park, one of the key strategy recommended in the meeting was development of Eco-tourism circuit linking Biological Park, Ganga Lake, Poma riverine belt and unique Bamboosetum of Chessa. It was recommended by board to develop the area as a sustainable ecotourism circuit in Capital region and to promote itglobally. Local participation is also suggested in its conception which will further help in creating new jobs for local youth and generate additional income.

In the meeting, recent arrival of 2 Tigers and 3 Gharials was also appreciated by the Governing Board amidst the discussions. It was further noted that the department is making all efforts to introduce Rhino into the Biological Park. 

Moreover, E-vehicle is likely to be introduced in the zoo for visitors in coming days to boost eco-friendly tourism in the Zoo and to maintain the zero level of air, water and noise pollution inside zoo premises. It is stated to be a unique achievement for the state of Arunachal Pradesh. It was also suggested in meeting that animal lovers in the state be invited as a special invitee in the Zoo society for betterment of the health of the zoo environment. The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, members and special invitees of the zoo society of biological park

Edited By: Joydeep Hazarika
Published On: Dec 05, 2023