Cleanliness drive held at Grenghar Hot Water Spring in Arunachal’s Tawang

Cleanliness drive held at Grenghar Hot Water Spring in Arunachal’s Tawang

A cleanliness drive at Grenghar Hot Water Spring in Tawang, led by ZPM Thutan Gombu, has successfully restored the site's natural beauty and boosted tourism. The initiative underscores the importance of hygiene, nature conservation, and sustainable tourism.


Lumla Zilla Parishad Member (ZPM) Thutan Gombu and his team conducted a thorough cleanliness drive at the Grenghar hot water spring on May 28, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to cleanliness and community well-being. 

This Grenghar hot water spring which is surrounded by the pristine Himalayan landscape, attracts numerous visitors each year, including tourists from neighboring Bhutan.

The hot water spring, renowned for its therapeutic properties, has always been a popular destination for both locals and travelers. However, the area had gradually become marred by litter, plastic waste, and debris. 

Recognising the urgency to preserve this natural gem and encourage responsible tourism, ZPM Thutan Gombu and his team, who were at the spring for a dip, took it upon themselves to organise a cleanup campaign to restore the area's natural beauty.

The impact of their initiative extends far beyond the immediate cleanup. By rejuvenating the hot water spring's surroundings, ZPM Thutan Gombu and his team have significantly enhanced tourism.

The committee of Grenghar hot water springs acknowledged the efforts of Lumla ZPM Thutan Gombu and his team. Their unwavering commitment ensures that this natural wonder remains a sanctuary for future generations. 

ZPM Thutan Gombu's dedication to hygiene serves as an example of how our actions have a direct impact on the environment, which stresses the importance of maintaining cleanliness, respecting nature, and advocating for sustainable practices.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: May 28, 2024