Indian Army conducts medical camp in Tawang’s Damteng Village

Indian Army conducts medical camp in Tawang’s Damteng Village

The Indian Army organised a medical camp in Damteng Village, Tawang district, providing health checkups and free medicines to residents. This initiative is aimed at improving civilian-military relations and supporting border communities.


The Indian Army conducted a medical camp at Damteng Village, under Thingbu circle of Tawang district for the people of remote areas residing near the border. 

During the camp, the personnel launched a general health checkup and undertook the distribution of free medicines for the needy people. 

A total of 40 villagers were provided health checkup services by the doctors of Indian Army. 

The initiative is amongst the many steps taken by Indian army for helping the people living in border areas and increasing bon-homie between civilian and military personnel. It underscores the Indian Army's commitment to supporting and assisting people living in border regions. 

By extending vital medical assistance to remote communities, the army aims to foster goodwill and strengthen ties between civilian populations and military personnel.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: May 31, 2024