Pan-Arunachal is the ideal opportunity for youths to lead in states’s development: CM Khandu

Pan-Arunachal is the ideal opportunity for youths to lead in states’s development: CM Khandu

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Pema Khandu, the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, promoted the concept of pan-Arunachal as the single mantra for the state's general development and wellbeing. He believes that the best way forward is to imagine and work together, taking into account every tribe and region of the state. 

Khandu stated the current trend of thinking for self and tribe first should be changed, according to an official communique. Khandu was speaking at the valedictory celebration of the first ever Arunachal Yuva Samanvay, held by the State Youth Affairs department at Jairampur in Changlang district.

"The current trend of prioritising self-interest first, tribe second, and state third must be reversed. We should prioritise the interests of the state, tribe, and self. Only then would we as a state mature "he stated.

Khandu noted that because the state includes so many tribes with vastly different cultures, planning should be based on the pan-Arunachal paradigm to ensure that each tribe receives an equal share of development. He believes that the concept of pan-Arunachal should begin with each individual, particularly the youth.

Khandu declared that the Arunachal Yuva Samanvay, which started on May 6 and was attended by youngsters from all 26 tribes in the state, will be made an annual calendar event of the state government. He asked Youth Affairs Minister Mama Natung, who was present at the event, to make an immediate proposal to the state cabinet for consideration. 

"This is the ideal opportunity for our youths, who will lead the state tomorrow, to interact, learn about one other's cultures, earn and give respect, establish fraternity, and sow the seeds of the pan-Arunachal concept. This will serve as a solid foundation for advancing our unity in diversity to new heights "he remarked.