Solung Etor of Adi community celebrated with gaiety in Arunachal

Solung Etor of Adi community celebrated with gaiety in Arunachal

The celebration of the Solung Etor festival of the Adi community began on Monday with great enthusiasm across the state.

Solung Etor of Adi community celebrated with gaiety Solung Etor of Adi community celebrated with gaiety

The celebration of Solung Etor festival of Adi community begun on Monday with great enthusiasm across the state, mostly in Adi-inhabited East Siang, Siang, Upper Siang, Dibang and Lohit valley.

The festival is related to community fencing of agricultural lands. Mithuns in olden days were kept under large area in the jungle surrounded by fencing for protection of the crops. Etor means ‘fencing’ in Adi. This festival is celebrated to begin the annual agricultural cycle of the community.

The community come together to create new fence to protect the agricultural fields for the season. All cattle are to be taken outside the fence.

In this festival of Etor, people worship the deities for the good health of their domestic animals and prosperity of the village. The festival consists of a huge feast and offerings which are made to the gods. Traditional songs and dances are performed in the festival. The traditional dance and song ‘Delong’ (an Adi male dance form) is performed by the menfolk, especially the youths in the “Dere/ Musup” (community hall). Gampu, a community feast is also organized in Dere where only males and young children can participate.

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The celebration started early morning by sacrifice of animals like Mithun, pigs and buffaloes and rituals of Solung Etor being performed. The festival will last for few more days and will end after conduct of a traditional rituals, called “Mopun”. The festival have series of serials and occasion like ‘Dogin/Tanyum yume, Dorep/Ardo-Bado longe (Monday), Gampu longe (Tuesday), Kemey longe, Lungak /Eso-Eyek agam with traditional offerings to the god ‘Dadi Bote’ associated with Agung Agam kepel and then lastly the Mopun.

Meanwhile, Radang Sirum of Borguli village today felicitated village aged persons of Borguli village under Mebo Sub-Division here in East Siang district on the festive occasion of Etor amidst the presence of Chief Guest, Olen Rome, ZPC East Siang, Obang Tayeng, retired Director DIPR, Dr. Buk Lego, retired DDSE, Yemling Tayeng, retired ADC, Gebom Tayeng, Drug Inspector, Village Gaon Burah, Nogen Yirang and Bidesor Perme. Total of 45 old age village parents (23 men and 22 female) were felicitated on the occasion while remembering each one of their contribution to the growth and progress of Borguli village.

Speaking on the occasion of the felicitation programme, Olen Rome, ZPC East Siang, Obang Tayeng, former Director, IPR and others appreciated the noble initiative of felicitating to village early contributors toward growth of the village by Radang Sirum of Borguli village. On the aged elders of the village, they also deeply appreciated the team Radang Sirum led by Tolut Ratan, President and Yung Tayeng, General Secretary for recognizing and remembering the village aged elders before they dies.  

Edited By: Atiqul Habib
Published On: May 17, 2023