Arunachal: My association with BJP is beyond my relation with Kiren Rijiju, says Itanagar Mayor Tamme Phassang

Arunachal: My association with BJP is beyond my relation with Kiren Rijiju, says Itanagar Mayor Tamme Phassang

Itanagar Mayor Tamme Phassang on January 31 while responding to rumours him seeking party ticket because of his alleged close association and familial ties with Union Minister Kiren Rijiju said that his aspirations to contest the upcoming Assembly elections is merely based on seniority basis.

Addressing a presser in Itanagar, Tamme Phassang said, "Today I called this press conference to clear the rumours and misquote of me seeking Itanagar Capital Mla ticket being brother in law of Kiren Rijiju. My personal relations with present MP cum Union minister Kiren Rijiju should not be linked with this seeking of party ticket as in our party we don't believe in familism like Congress"

"Since 2003 I have been associated with the BJP party. When Gegong Apang was Chief Minister and Kameng Dolo was Deputy CM, I was the aspiring candidate for Lok Sabha in 2004 apart from present MP Rijiju but didn't got ticket that time and instead was appointed Chairman of the election campaign by State President Taba Hare that time. I tirelessly campaigned for the BJP party. I always criticise the politics played by familism,caste,creed,religion and believe in contribution and seniority. In 2004 we successfully led our two BJP MPs Tapir Gao and Kiren Rijiju win from both seats in Lok sabha and thereafter worked dedicatedly for the party", added Phassang.

"In 2014 no one come up to ask ticket so I took the risk and contested elections. Congress got mandate and Nabam Tuki became CM. Jan Andolan committee was formed under my initiative and headed to make BJP government with the support of all", added Phassang further.

Phassang alleged that he had to face harassment and even got jailed during Congress rule.
"Since 2003 I have been associated with BJP and after our struggle in 2016 our BJP government came into power and worked for the development of the state.
Our people work blindly with any association or party and their contributions should not be neglected and given a blind eye. I being a senior party worker aspire to claim a BJP ticket for the upcoming assembly election", said the Itanagar Mayor. 

Slamming bureaucrats who are posted in the same place for a very long time, Phassang said, "There is a rule for the posting tenure of Government officers bureaucrats in every state but in capital of Arunachal few adamant officers are being posted in same place since decades"

I am seeking ticket citing a logic of all round development in capital as being a mayor of Itanagar Municipal Corporation and having limited powers and funds feels helpless. Itanagar is a smart city but facing hindrances of traffic,parking,vending zones and hence urged for the report card of present MLA elected since 15 years. Being a Mayor I came to know several schemes for PMAY and many other schemes but due to non issuing of NOC and formal documents to poor citizens the benefits didn't reach the needy ones.I being Mayor has relaxed many documents, gave benefits to poor citizens without NOC through my Corporation"