Kiren Rijiju champions fitness with mountain-inspired workout

Kiren Rijiju champions fitness with mountain-inspired workout

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju demonstrated his commitment to the #FitIndiaMovement by sharing a video of his morning exercise routine on social media. The clip shows the minister from Arunachal Pradesh performing walking squats, a challenging exercise that combines lower body strength with cardiovascular endurance.


Rijiju accompanied the video with a message emphasising the importance of regular fitness, stating, "Monday morning! Any place and any time 30 minutes #FitIndiaMovement." He highlighted the contrast between his mountain upbringing and urban lifestyles, noting, "I come from mountains, and people living in the urban areas need more fitness regime."


The minister's choice of walking squats reflects his mountainous background, as the exercise mimics the movements often required when traversing steep terrain. This functional workout not only builds strength but also improves balance and coordination.


Rijiju concluded his post with an encouraging message, "Be fit to work harder, live a simple and happy life." His demonstration aligns with the broader goals of the Fit India Movement, a nationwide campaign launched to promote physical activity and sports in daily life.


By sharing his personal fitness routine, Rijiju aims to inspire citizens, particularly those in urban areas, to incorporate regular exercise into their daily schedules regardless of time constraints or location.