190 Gorkha insurgents return to the mainstream in Assam

190 Gorkha insurgents return to the mainstream in Assam

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TEZPUR: Assam Police and the Military Intelligence Unit of the Gajraj Corps in Tezpur have succeeded in bringing 190 Gorkha insurgents back into the mainstream.

The Gajraj Corps Intelligence Unit managed to establish communication with Senior leadership of United Gorkha People’s Organisation (UGPO) motivating them to shun violence and lay down arms.

After a series of discussions, the leadership agreed to give up arms and return to mainstream.

The team from Gajraj Corps Military Intelligence Unit induced confidence in the Gorkha rebels and commenced working out of modalities with Assam Police and state government.

The surrendered cadres deposited 27 Arms including automatic and foreign made weapons, 200 grenades, and a huge quantity of ammunition and a massive quantity of IEDs and explosives.

The substantial quantity of recoveries is a pivotal contribution in consolidation of peace in Assam.

It needs mention here that the Assam government has encouraged a large number of Insurgent Groups to join the mainstream in recent times.

"Assam police in cordination with Gajraj Corps Intelligence Unit has been working jointly to surrender UGPO to further this vision of the State Govt and further put the Assam state on road map of development," stated a military release.

The UGPO was raised in year 2007 to safeguard and voice the interests of Gorkha Community in Assam through revolution and extremism. The surrender has now paved way for peaceful redressal of Gorkha issues.

It will now enable to the Gorkhas to systematically table their social, ethnic and linguistic interests in Assam.

"With Bringing UGPO to mainstream Gajraj Corps Int Unit has significantly contributed in State Government’s efforts in making Assam an ‘Insurgency Free’ State. The Military Intelligence Unit of Gajraj Corps in cordination with Assam police has a lion’s share in ushering in of peace and stability in the State of Assam," added the official release.

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Published On: Jan 27, 2022