4 Impoverished Families from Assam, Despite 73 Years of Independence, Receive "Nothing" from Govt

4 Impoverished Families from Assam, Despite 73 Years of Independence, Receive "Nothing" from Govt

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Moran, March 4, 2020:

We bring to you the stories of four families from Milan Gaon in Assam's Charaidei who have been "deprived" in all respects. The plight of these 4 families dwelling in this impoverished region in Assam complain that even though the Government comes knocking on their door ahead of elections, they are often forgotten after the counting of ballots. Interestingly, at a time when communal tensions are at an all-time high across the nation, it came to light that these families, who belong to diverse faiths, castes, and backgrounds are united by one thing: poverty. These are the families of Raju Ali, Pulin Borthakur, Maina Saotang, and Khagen Dutta, and this is their story:

Case no. 1:

A woman from the village, a young mother, says that although the Government has announced subsidies, they are yet to receive to receive the full quota of what they are due. "I receive 10 kilos...we are three people and we should receive 15 kilos of rice, but we receive only 10 kilos. From time immemorial, we are in these parts. Even my mother is from neighboring Taranipathar."

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The woman has said that despite filing many receipts, they have only received a latrine, and lamented that even during the Congress, they were subjected to similar difficulties. "If they provide us with current (electricity), I will be happier", she says with an air of dejection.

Case no. 2:

A man says that his family has been dwelling in the area since the tenure of Bimala Prasad Chaliha (28 Dec 1957-6 Nov 1970), but his family has not received anything at all. "Be it Congress or BJP, have not received anything at all. Some have received toilets, but that is all.

Case no. 3:

An elderly man, hair greying, says that there is no electricity, there is no lattrine. "For long, I have pleaded and not received anything, especially I am inconvenienced due to the lack of electricity. They keep saying hobo hobo (will happen, will happen) but my question to them is: when? Not once, but several times I have knocked on doors of local politicians, but to no avail."


At a time when the ruling dispensation is blowing the bugle of "development" and "change" across every hill and dale, river and vale, the condition of these poor people living in tiny ramshackle huts is quite a revelation.

These four families have been discovered in the home constituency of BJP MLA and recently-appointed Cabinet Minister, Jogen Mohan.

Watch the Assamese video below:

Although the Government depicts the picture of a robust nation with jingoistic nationalism and over-zealous hosts becoming the norm in primetime television, the truth seems to be something else. India's unemployment rate rose to 7.78% in February, the highest since October 2019, as per CMIE data, while India's gross domestic product (GDP) growth for the third quarter (October-December) stood at 4.7 per cent.

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Published On: Mar 05, 2020