Almost 7000 families in Sivasagar deprived of electricity, says Akhil Gogoi in house

Almost 7000 families in Sivasagar deprived of electricity, says Akhil Gogoi in house

Akhil Gogoi Akhil Gogoi

GUWAHATI: Sibsagar MLA Akhil Gogoi has informed in the Assam Legislative Assembly today that as many as 6,980 families of Sivasagar are deprived of electricity connection even today.

“We are living in this age yet 6,980 families of Sivasagar district are deprived of electricity. Sivasagar is known to be one of the major districts of Assam,” Gogoi said in the house.

On Speaker Biswajit Daimary’s initiative, the house discussed “power” on the 14th day of Assam Legislative Assembly and it was clearly indicated that Assam yet to improvise of the sector is need of the hour.

Citing the latest Reserve Bank of India data, Akhil Gogoi informed the house that the availability of power in Assam in the year 2018-19 is 920 Net Crore Units, which is way lower than even medium ranked states like Maharashtra with 15,815 Net Crore Units.

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“India’s total availability of the power stands at 1,26,721 Net Crore Units and contribution of Assam is just 920 Net Crore Units. It shows our rate of growth,” said Gogoi.

Gogoi added, ”Assam’s per capita availability of power is 295.3 kilowatts/hour where Puducherry’s per capita availability of power is 2210.6 kilowatts/hour and Punjab’s 1995.2 kilowatts/hour. That is our standard honorable speaker.”

Gogoi also informed that the install capacity of Assam is only 1710 megawatts whereas India’s capacity is as many as 3,56,100 megawatts.

Gogoi also pointed out transmission loss, in which Assam stands at 23 among 36 Indian states and UTs, frequent damage of transformers and accused contractors of using cheap materials and ruining infrastructure of the department.

Gogoi on the other hand urged the house for a resolution setting a target for power companies on regards how much electricity they should produce to meet the necessity.

“Otherwise these power companies should not exist at all. They cannot produce electricity, just working as middlemen, buy electricity from others and provide us with a higher rate,” Gogoi opined.

When the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party members are in support of river dams, especially the controversial Subansiri one, Akhil Gogoi called it an illusion to think that the Subansiri river dam will end our power scarcity.

“We will get only 24 megawatts from there. Also, the grid will be way costlier than the national grid,” said Akhil Gogoi.

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Published On: Aug 12, 2021