Ajmal accuses BJP of bringing Bangladeshis to Assam

Ajmal accuses BJP of bringing Bangladeshis to Assam


HAJO: Badruddin Ajmal, supremo of the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), today claimed that the BJP party, by enacting the CAA act, is bringing 'Bangladeshis' to Assam.

Asked about Shah and Modi's constant allegations against the AIUDF of fostering illegal immigration, Ajmal thundered: "How many people have they evicted in the past 6 years? Modi Ji and Amit Shah asked voters to elect them to power so that he could evict the Bangladeshis. They cannot give proof that they have even evicted 100 Bangladeshis in the last 5 years. They are the ones who are bringing the Bangladeshis to Assam -- through the CAA. Not I. In fact, we will deport the Bangladeshis if we come to power."

After casting his vote, Ajmal, exuding hope that the Congress'-led 'Mahajot' will form the next government in Assam, said that keeping out intruders and overturning the Citizenship Amendment Act are some of the agendas on its to-do list.

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"Jobs should be generated, Bangladesh intruders should be evicted, flood erosion should be solved, CAA should be removed, the NRC and D-voter issues should be resolved, and tea garden workers' wages should be upped to Rs. 365 per day, and women should get Rs. 2,000 per month," he said.

The AIUDF chief also claimed that the BJP, one optimistic about getting more than 100 Seats in the polls, has now "accepted defeat." "At one point in time, while they said that they would be getting above 100 Seats, they are now saying that they cannot win more than 35 Seats."

The 2021 Assam Legislative Assembly election is the 15th quinquennial legislative assembly election scheduled to be held in Assam from March 27 to April 6 in three phases, to elect 126 MLAs to the 15th Assam Legislative Assembly.

Edited By: Rana Pratap Saikia
Published On: Apr 01, 2021