Ajmal a great threat to culture & identity of Assam, says BJP's Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Ajmal a great threat to culture & identity of Assam, says BJP's Shivraj Singh Chouhan

shivraj-singh-chouhan_on ajmal shivraj-singh-chouhan_on ajmal

GUWAHATI: Senior BJP leader and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan today thundered against the rival Congress for its alliance with the Badruddin Ajmal-led All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF).

"In which direction is the Congress going? In Assam, it has allied itself with Badruddin Ajmal. If there is anyone who poses a threat to the culture and identity of the state his name is Badruddin Ajmal. I want to Ask Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi why they have allied with Ajmal." he added.

The sitting Chief Minister termed its leader Rahul Gandhi as a "liar" for breaking pre-election promises made in Madhya Pradesh.

Chouhan, addressing the press here earlier, said that Rahul Gandhi's '5 guarantees' to Assam have prompted him to expose his "true nature" to the people of the state.

"His lying tendencies have made me question the meaning of his name Rahul. I think Rahul stands for R- rejected by people, A-absent minded, H-hopeless like his party, U-useless, no use for the party or the people, L-liar," he said.

On the other hand, the INC, Chouhan said, stands for I- irresponsible, N- nepotism, and C - corrupt.

He said that Gandhi did not fulfill any of the promises made in the lead-up to Madhya Pradesh elections.

Asked about the party's anti-love jihad promise in Assam, Chouhan said, "We aren't against love, we're against 'jihad'. One should not love by betraying, deceiving, changing names or unscrupulous ways. We made Freedom to Religion Act 2021 law. The party has said a similar law will be implemented in the state: MP CM & BJP leader SS Chouhan in Guwahati."

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