AJP demands control of soaring prices of food items

AJP demands control of soaring prices of food items

AJP demands control of soaring prices of food items AJP demands control of soaring prices of food items

GUWAHATI: The Assam Jatiya Parishad (AJP) has expressed concern over the sharp rise in market prices of basic commodities.

Jagdish Bhuiyan, general secretary of the party, said in a press release, "The price of vegetables and fruits alone has increased by 30%. This is unfortunate and demonstrates the government's and administration's inattention."

According to the AJP, prices have risen unnecessarily in almost all sectors, not just vegetables, and fruits.

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The government had a duty to retain full control over the economy at a time when the people of the state were facing numerous difficulties, including large numbers of people losing their jobs due to the partial lockdown triggered by the COVID pandemic again.

However, for mysterious reasons, the government has taken a neutral stance on the matter.

Addressing the press, Mr. Bhuiyan, said that The people of Assam were aware of the Central Government's and Assam's obvious inability to regulate commodity prices in the country over the past few months.

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The government has already been chastised for increasing the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to 5.52 % in March of 20021.

Meanwhile, the rapid increase in food prices in April is a direct indication of the government's inability to rule.

Mr. Bhuiyan also stated that the state government had previously established a task force to continue monitoring and managing the price situation, though the task force does not appear to exist at this time. It's both shocking and mysterious.

"The government should take immediate action to reduce the price of food items by activating the task force set up to control the prices of goods" - Mr. Bhuiyan says

"By triggering the task force set up to monitor the prices of commodities, the government should take immediate steps to reduce the price of food items," Mr. Bhuiyan added.

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Edited By: Lipika Roy
Published On: Apr 27, 2021