Akhil Gogoi calls for unification of regional parties in Assam

Akhil Gogoi calls for unification of regional parties in Assam

Sivasagar MLA and Raijor Dal founder Akhil Gogoi has called for the unification of all regional parties in Assam. Speaking at a recent event, he outlined the need for a single cohesive regional party to better serve the state's interests.

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  • Akhil Gogoi calls for unification of Assam's regional parties
  • Emphasises inclusion of tribal and community associations
  • Lurinjyoti Gogoi suggests collaboration without full merger

Sivasagar MLA and founder of Raijor Dal, Akhil Gogoi, has reiterated his call for the unification of all regional parties in Assam. Speaking at a recent gathering, Gogoi emphasized the necessity of forming a single, cohesive regional party to strengthen regionalism and better serve the interests of the state.

"I think in Assam all the regional parties should come together to form one particular regional party for the state. This is the proposal that our party Raijor Dal has put forward from the inception of our formation, and we are still proposing the same even in future that Assam doesn't have the environment to have multiple regional parties," Gogoi stated.

He elaborated on the challenges faced by the state due to the fragmentation of regional parties, arguing that the existence of numerous small parties dilutes the strength of regionalism and hinders collective progress. "10-15 regional parties will not last in our state. If we truly want to strengthen regionalism then unity among the multiple regional parties is necessary. Today someone for their personal benefits, and the thought that they will not be able to meet their personal goals, all regional powers may not come together. But if someone wants to benefit Assam then they should strengthen regionalism."

Gogoi also highlighted the role of tribal and community associations in this unification process. He proposed that these groups should be included under the umbrella of a united regional front to ensure a more inclusive and representative political landscape. "Raijor Dal believes in unification of multiple regional parties, and all other tribal associations should come under the umbrella of a united front."

Outlining his vision, Gogoi presented a two-step approach to achieve this goal: "First, Raijor Dal and Asom Jatiya Parisad should come together including other regional parties. Secondly, after strengthening the unity among these parties, they should further bring the tribal/community association together. I believe this is the most important thing for the Assamese society."

Gogoi expressed concern that personal ambitions and selfish interests could impede this unification, which he believes is crucial for the state's progress. "But if someone for their selfish reasons doesn't let this happen then I believe this is nothing but a bad luck for the state," he added.

Gogoi's call for unity reflects a long-standing vision of a more consolidated and potent regional political force in Assam, aiming to address the unique challenges and aspirations of the state's diverse population.

In the contrary, earlier Assam Jatiya Parishad (AJP) leader Lurinjyoti Gogoi countered him and dismissed the possibility of any merger. 

Akhil Gogoi stated "Raijor Dal has already agreed to this merger. The ball is now in AJP's court. Should they agree, we will create a new political party with a fresh constitution, forming a formidable opposition to the BJP," he told the media, expressing confidence that other smaller parties would join this new coalition.

However, Lurinjyoti Gogoi has instead advocated for a common platform of regional parties rather than a full merger. He stressed the importance of a unified front to provide a better political alternative for the people of Assam, suggesting that collaboration without merging could still achieve their goals.

The future of Assam's political landscape remains uncertain as the call for unification by Akhil Gogoi presents a pivotal moment for regional parties. Will they rise above personal ambitions to forge a powerful coalition, or will they opt for a less consolidated approach, as suggested by Lurinjyoti Gogoi?

Edited By: sanchayaita roy
Published On: May 29, 2024