Amid the storm in Guwahati, one hero stands tall

Amid the storm in Guwahati, one hero stands tall

Guwahati hero Guwahati hero

Guwahati, March 31, 2019:

Heavy rains lashed Guwahati city at around noontime on Sunday and pedestrians were seen running helter-skelter on the streets. Motorists started speeding up because the streets of Guwahati are known to become clogged during heavy downpours. The sky darkened and a night-like atmosphere prevailed.

But amid all the chaos, one hero stood tall. Angshuman Bijay Talukdar, a Facebook user, shared the video on Facebook in which a traffic police officer braved the rain and continued his duties. Horns blared and the rain fell accompanied by heavy gusts of win, but the working class hero would not be deterred. Without an umbrella, but full of resolute determination, he continued his duty.

Reacting to video, Facebook user Mayur Borah said that he "definitely deserves an award."

Another user, Medini Majumdar, wrote: "Salute to the hero."

Let us take a moment to appreciate this 'working class hero' and his power of will and strength of character. These are the real-life superheroes who deserve to be lauded and encouraged.

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Published On: Mar 31, 2019