Assam Congress leader Angkita Dutta manhandled before arrest; video circulating online

Assam Congress leader Angkita Dutta manhandled before arrest; video circulating online

ankita dutta ankita dutta

GUWAHATI: Assam Congress leader Angkita Dutta was today dragged on the road before being arrested by security personnel in front of Rajiv Bhawan in Guwahati where members of the grand old party were registering a protest against current BJP regime.

A video that is circulating online shows a khaki clad male policeman dragging Ankita over a barricade.

Talking to InsideNE, Angkita Dutta says that a team of Congress men and women had congregated to protest the Assam police's shooting at student leader Kriti Kamal Bora and demand a judicial inquiry for the same.

However, Dutta says, the local administration did not approve the protest and tried to stop them.

Angkita Dutta was dragged out from behind a barricade by force and fell back-first on the road. . Multiple men and women in uniform then roughly carried the Congresswoman to a bus where she was detained.

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The Congresswoman says the dissenters were then taken to the Basistha police station where they were kept for a while before being granted bail.

"If you look at the video intently, you can see that I was dragged out by a male policeman. Later, female cops also started moving in. My clothes were

Dutta says the purpose of these protests is to "stop Assam from becoming another UP."

"It is a democracy and we have a right to protest but these people are trying to shut our voices. It is not going to take very long until we become a state where we won't have any rights."

Citing the example of the Kriti Kamal Bora, Dutta has lamented that 'police raj and encounter raj' is already starting in Assam.

"We have the IPC, CrPc, we have the Indian Constitution and the Judicial system under which a person will be declared guilty or not guilty. Kriti Kamal Bora went out to get medicines for his mother, and ended up getting shot in the knee without any due process!"

Taking a swipe at the Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, Dutta compared him to 'Kansh', Hindu God Krishna's uncle who wished to kill him.

"In the lead up to the polls, Sarma promised bullets for all, but instead, we get an atmosphere in which young men are being shot in their knees. He (Biswa Sarma) has now turned into Kansh mama.."

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