Another pilgrim from Assam dies during hajj in Makkah

Another pilgrim from Assam dies during hajj in Makkah

Another pilgrim from Assam has passed away in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, while performing Hajj, adding to the casualties among Assam pilgrims this year. The deceased, Jalaluddin Laskar, succumbed to a heart attack at Arafat Maidan, following the deaths of three others due to a severe heatwave.

Story highlights
  • Jalaluddin Laskar from Assam dies of heart attack during Hajj in Makkah
  • Three other pilgrims from Assam succumb to heatwave in Mecca
  • Local authorities issue advisories as extreme temperatures pose health risks

Another pilgrim from Assam has passed away while performing the holy Hajj in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. The deceased, identified as Jalaluddin Laskar, hailed from Gosainpur in Cachar district. 

Laskar succumbed to a heart attack at Arafat Maidan, adding to the growing list of casualties among pilgrims from Assam during this year's pilgrimage.

This unfortunate incident follows the deaths of three other pilgrims from Assam, who succumbed to a severe heatwave in Mecca on June 17. Among the deceased was 54-year-old Zarina Begum, a resident of Howly in Lower Assam's Barpeta district. Reports confirmed her passing on Monday.

Begum had embarked on the sacred journey with her husband, Abul Hussain, on May 18. She fell critically ill due to the extreme temperatures and was swiftly hospitalized. Despite receiving treatment, she sadly did not survive.

The intense heatwave sweeping across the region has posed significant health risks to the millions of pilgrims gathered for the annual Islamic pilgrimage. Local authorities have issued multiple advisories, urging pilgrims to take necessary precautions against the soaring temperatures.

Zarina Begum's family has announced that her funeral prayers will be conducted in Mecca, as per her husband’s wishes. Hussain, who communicated the heart-wrenching news to their family in Barpeta, remains in Mecca to oversee the final rites.

The deaths of Laskar and Begum highlight the severe challenges faced by pilgrims in Mecca this year, underscoring the importance of health and safety measures during such large-scale religious gatherings. The Assam community mourns their loss and prays for the safety of all pilgrims still in Mecca.

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Published On: Jun 19, 2024