Army Unit at Chirang celebrates 58th Raising Day

Army Unit at Chirang celebrates 58th Raising Day

Chirang Chirang

Guwahati, February 1, 2019:

Chirang District celebrated the 58th Raising Day on Friday.

Army unit deployed in the Chirang District, a unit of Garhwal Rifles was raised in the year 1962 after independence.

The brave soldiers of the Battalion had fought the Battle of Hilli in Bangladesh erstwhile East Pakistan in 1971 gallantly and were honoured with the Battle honour Hilli and theatre honour East Pakistan.

The battalion had various successful tenures and proved itself in eliminating terrorism in Mizoram and Jammu and Kashmir.

The battalion had arrived into the district in January 2018. Being in the line of duty and always on toes, the army unit celebrated its raising in field conditions with wreath laying, paying homage to the martyrs.

It is evident that the presence of Army unit Chirang in the district has created a peaceful environment in past one year.

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Published On: Feb 02, 2019