Assam: 16-year-old killed by elephants in Goalpara

Assam: 16-year-old killed by elephants in Goalpara

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In another incident of man-elephant conflict, a 16-year-old boy was killed in an elephant attack in Goalpara, Assam on Thursday.

The incident has been reported from the Kursapakhri village in Lakhipur.

The deceased minor has been identified as Janak Koch.

As per locals, the incident took place early in the morning when a herd of at least 40 wild elephants entered their village.

The elephants entered the area and allegedly began to destroy houses and other property in the village.

The residents were terrorized by the presence of the herd and tried to chase them back to the forest.

However, during the attempt to send the herd back, the minor was attacked and killed by the herd.

As of now, the forest department is on a watch out for the herd and is trying to keep them away from human-inhabited areas.