'Law is equal for everybody': Assam ADGP on move against Mizoram MP Vanlalvena

'Law is equal for everybody': Assam ADGP on move against Mizoram MP Vanlalvena

Vanlalvena Vanlalvena

GUWAHATI: Assam's police force is all set to interrogate Mizoram's Rajya Sabha MP Vanlalvena, said  Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) Gyanendra Pratap Singh today told media.

Asked whether the Assam police will be able to take any action against MP Vanlalvena, Singh said: "It is not about the MP. Law is equal for everybody in the country and we are proceeding as per law."

"We have nothing against any honourable elected representative or anyone like that. It is only that a statement has been made which indicates that the particular person has knowledge about the incident and we will take action absolutely as per law in consonance with the procedures laid down by the law of the land," he added.

Singh also informed that a team of Assam police will reach New Delhi later in the afternoon to "examine" Vanlalvena.

As per Singh, a team of police, including two SP rank officers, will be interrogating the MP after the procedure of the Rajya Sabha are completed for the day.

Vanlalvena told reporters: "More than 200 policemen entered our territory and they pushed back our policemen from our own posts and they gave firing orders first before we fired. They are lucky that we didn't kill them all. If they come again, we shall kill them all."

Six men of the Assam Police and a civilian had died in the unprecedented violence between the police forces of two states which had shocked the country. The Assam police have alleged a conspiracy and accused the Mizoram MP of having a role in it.

Singh has also informed that a picture gallery will be circulated today. "Anybody who gives us any information about this will be awarded Rs. 5 lakh."

The 'gallery' includes Mizoram Police personnel and locals who opened fire on its personnel.

Violence began Monday morning at the Inner Line Reserve Forest area of Cachar district.

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Published On: Jul 29, 2021