ASSAM: AJP urges BJP govt not to rob the elderly of their pension

ASSAM: AJP urges BJP govt not to rob the elderly of their pension

The new regional party accuses BJP government of depriving pensioners of their due share by adopting new national pension policy


GUWAHATI: The newly floated Assam Jatiya Parishad (AJP) has urged the BJP-led government not to deprive the retired government employees of their due pension post-superannuation.

“For a retired teacher of government employee, who gives best part of his life to government service, the pension is the only security. Surprisingly, the BJP is conspiring to rob the employees and teachers of the due pension too,” an AJP statement said today.

The regional party expressed anguish over the “injustice” to the retired teachers through the new national pension policy.

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In the statement, the AJP has said teachers and employees who joined service before 2005 will receive benefits as per the 1969 pension policy i.e., 60 per cent of their last salaries. However, those who have joined after 2005 will fall under the new policy of getting just two per cent of their last salary.

“Under the circumstances, one who superannuates with a last salary of Rs 35,000, will be entitled to only Rs 500 as a pension,” the AJP stated.

"This insignificant amount of pension is not only unfair to a retired teacher or employee, but also disgraceful," the statement read.

"The BJP government, which has failed to provide employment to lakhs of educated people in the state, has now eyed even the pension retired elderly," the statement said.