Assam: Barpeta teacher-led tech revolution unleashes AI innovation in education

Assam: Barpeta teacher-led tech revolution unleashes AI innovation in education

A teacher in Assam is leading an educational revolution using AI, making education more interactive and accessible.

Barpeta teacher-led tech revolution unleashes AI innovation in education Barpeta teacher-led tech revolution unleashes AI innovation in education

In a groundbreaking move for education, the district of Barpeta in Assam is embracing the future with innovative AI solutions for teachers and students. This visionary initiative, spearheaded by Prasenjit Sarma, a Block Resource Person ( BRP ) in Barpeta's education department signifies a paradigm shift in how technology can be harnessed to elevate the teaching and learning experience.

The journey commenced in 2018 when Prasenjit, then a CRCC (Cluster Resource Centre Coordinator), pioneered a cluster-level educational website, signaling an early commitment to integrating technology into the educational landscape. This commitment gained momentum with the establishment of the first smart classroom in a lower primary school in India.

The turning point in Prasenjit's exploration into the intersection of education and technology occurred with the foray into the realm of AI. The culmination of this exploration resulted in the creation of three groundbreaking apps, officially launched on November 3: the Lesson Plan Creator, an AI teacher tool for students, and an AI proofreading assistant. Each app aims not only to simplify the teaching process but also to provide a more personalized and enriched learning experience for students.

The Lesson Plan Creator, a cornerstone of this initiative, stands as an invaluable tool for teachers. Its AI capabilities enable the adaptation of lessons to meet individual students' needs, thereby creating an ideal learning environment. Complementing this, the AI teacher tool directly engages students, offering a personalized learning experience. To enhance written content, an AI proofreading assistant corrects grammatical and spelling errors, ensuring a polished final product.

The impact of these apps has been swift and substantial, with an impressive 2.2k downloads within just two days of their launch. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma took to social media on November 20 highlighting this groundbreaking development and recognizing the potential of AI in addressing educational challenges.

Ratul Kumar Das, the district education officer in Barpeta, played a pivotal role in supporting and accompanying Prasenjit Sarma during the app's development. Speaking with India Today NE, Das spoke about the significance of this initiative, particularly in bridging the digital divide. He noted positive feedback during training sessions, with science teachers actively implementing the apps in their classrooms.

One notable aspect of this initiative is its independence from government funding. Prasenjit Sarma's personal commitment and passion fueled the project's success, showcasing the potential for grassroots initiatives to drive transformative change in education.

Looking ahead, the government's recognition and support have become evident. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma's tweet and the subsequent review meeting on November 20 underline official acknowledgment. Dr. Omprakash, the Mission Director of Samagra Shiksha Assam, has expressed the government's commitment to the initiative in a letter to the Deputy Commissioner of Barpeta. Education Minister Ranoj Pegu has recommended the translation of the Lesson Plan Creator app into Assamese recognizing its potential impact on Assamese students.

In a review meeting held in Guwahati, with the presence of Dr. Nirala Devi from SCERT Assam, the future trajectory of this initiative was deliberated. Government involvement is anticipated to extend beyond the current three apps, with plans for additional AI-based features, including a mental well-being app and apps translated into Assamese.

The collaborative efforts between Prasenjit Sarma and government officials, notably Ratul Kumar Das, signify a harmonious synergy of passion and commitment towards transforming education in Assam. As these apps gain traction and expand their reach, they hold the promise of bridging educational gaps, particularly in remote areas, making quality education more accessible. With government support on the horizon, this teacher-led revolution has the potential to become a national model.

Edited By: Bikash Chetry
Published On: Nov 21, 2023