Assam BJP leader declared prime suspect in mason's murder after DNA analysis

Assam BJP leader declared prime suspect in mason's murder after DNA analysis

BJP leader Sunil Gogoi, once presumed dead, is now the prime accused in the murder of his family mason. DNA analysis revealed the burnt body thought to be Gogoi's was actually that of Jahangir Hosain, leading to new charges.

Story highlights
  • BJP leader Sunil Gogoi declared prime accused in mason's murder.
  • DNA analysis identified burnt body as Jahangir Hosain, not Gogoi.
  • Police suspect financial gain motive through insurance claim.

Contractor and local BJP leader Sunil Gogoi, previously presumed beheaded, has now been declared a prime accused in the murder case of a mason. The case took a major twist when the headless body, initially believed to be Gogoi's and cremated, was later identified through DNA analysis as that of Jahangir Hosain, a mason working at Gogoi's residence in Sapatia Chetia village in Assam Lakhimpur district.

Assam Police, led by DGP G P Singh, announced the development on Wednesday, shedding light on the intricate details of the case. "Reference Dhakuakhana (Lakhimpur) burnt human body case - On receipt of DNA report from CDFD Hyderabad, a fresh case vide Dhakuakhana PS Case No. 48/2024 U/S 120(B)/ 302/ 201/ 34 IPC has been registered with Sunil Gogoi, along with accomplices, being named as prime suspect," tweeted Singh, outlining the gravity of the situation.

The DNA report, a crucial piece of evidence, revealed that the mortal remains found bore genetic similarities to the family of Jahangir Hosain. This finding indicates that Hosain was murdered and then burned, possibly to conceal his true identity.

"It has been scientifically established that the mortal remains bear genetic similarity to the family of Jahangir Hosain, indicating that Hosain was killed and subsequently burnt to conceal his identity," affirmed Singh.

Further probing into the case has suggested that the suspects orchestrated the entire plan with the motive of financial gain through an insurance claim.

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Published On: Jun 19, 2024