Assam Cabinet Made decisions on road safety and various management

Assam Cabinet Made decisions on road safety and various management

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On Monday, the Assam Cabinet made decisions on road safety and several management issues. The state government also issued significant road safety rules. As mentioned, these are the guidelines.

Approval of the notification of speed restrictions for various road categories in accordance with Rule 95 of the Assam Motor Vehicles Rules, 2003, in order to regulate vehicle speed and reduce the danger of an accident.

Ensure that speed limits for different vehicles on different roads are consistent, Reduce the risk of accidents caused by overspeeding, Make it easier for commuters to use their vehicles, and Allow enforcement departments such as the Department of Transportation and the Department of Police to enforce overspeeding in a consistent manner.

Here are some guidelines for boosting millet output management.

Setting up of Assam Millet Mission (AMM) over a period of 7 years from 2022-23 to promote millet cultivation approved. Decision taken as millets are considered nutri-cereals and can be utilised for increasing nutritional status of children.

Objectives, Incorporation of millets under Mid-Day Meal scheme (now renamed as PM-POSHAN under Axom Sarba Siksha Abhiyan Mission). Supply and awareness generation of millets and millet-based products to be taken up in districts along with Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) districts on the Rationalising teacher transfer process.

Approval to The Assam Elementary and Secondary School Teachers’ (Regulation of Posting and Transfer) Rules, 2022 to rationalise teacher transfer process. This will facilitate intra-district, inter-district and mutual transfers of Elementary, Secondary, SSA teachers as well as teachers in Govt educational institutions in online mode via a transfer portal.

Amending rules to aid promotion,  Rule 9 of the Assam Secretariat Subordinate Service, Rules, 1963 to reduce the period of qualifying service from existing 4 years to 3 years for promotion of Computer Operator to Senior Grade Computer Operator. Rule 8(2) of the Rules to reduce the period of qualifying service from existing 4 years to 3 years for promotion of Senior Grade Computer Operator to Junior Administrative Assistant

Simplifying recruitment in technical institutes ,Approval to proposal for amending Assam Technical Education Service Rules, 1981 to empower the Assam Engineering Service Recruitment Board to discharge its duties. This will simplify direct recruitment of cadres specified in the rules in Technical Institutes under Higher Education Dept.


As per Setting new Education Milestones, Applicable for all UG/PG progs BA, BSc, MA, MSc, BCA, BBA, etc. or any other similar progs in existing 3+2 pattern or any integrated pattern.

Some of the Basic Guidelines as mentioned follows, Revision of existing Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in line with NEP guidelines and No hard separation between streams, curricular & extra- curricular, vocational & academic arena.

Basic Structure includes, UG Degree progs of 3/4-year duration (With multiple Entry and Exit points & Re-entry options), Certificate after completing 1 year (2 sems), Diploma after 2 years (4 sems), Bachelor's Degree after 3-year prog (6 sems), Bachelor's Degree with Hons after 4-year prog (8 sems), Bachelor's Degree with Research after 4-year prog, if the student completes a rigorous research project and PG Diploma in specific discipline after 1-year prog for those who have completed 3-year Bachelor's degree.

Flexibility in design/duration of Master's Degree Prog include,

• 2-year Master's Degree Prog with 2nd Year devoted to Research (for students who have completed 3-year Bachelor's Degree)

• 1-year Master's Degree Prog for students who have completed 4-year.