Assam Civil Society launches initiative to counter polarisation of Assam’s society

Assam Civil Society launches initiative to counter polarisation of Assam’s society


JORHAT: At a time when religious polarisation has been the buzz word in political scenario of poll-bound Assam, the Assam Civil Society (ACS), an organisation of progressive minority community people, today launched a mission to unify the Assamese society for peace and progress in the state.

Holding its first conclave at Jorhat Central Club here, the Assam Civil Society has announced that it will hold similar group discussions in different parts of the state to dissuade people to fall prey to the political forces trying to polarise the society and to encourage peaceful co-existence.

Attending the meeting here, noted intellectual and veteran journalist Haider Hussain said: “Assam Civil Society is an organisation raised some three years ago and is currently being reorganised in view of the present polarisation atmosphere that has been taking its toll on the social fabric of the state. The Assamese community is on the verge of a catastrophe because of the religious polarisation for petty political gains. So we have undertaken an initiative to try to restore the harmony of the good old Assam.”

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“Our efforts will be to unite Assamese society cutting across religious and political lines to defeat the sinister designs of a small section of individuals. We also want to remove fear of persecution etc that a small section of minority community people are suffering from,” he added.

The meeting was attended among others by Gauhati High Court’s senior advocate HRA Choudhury, academician Abdul Mannan, editor-in-chief of Insidene Afrida Hussain, Syed Iftikhar Ahmed.

Speaking to Insidene, Choudhury said: “We have an objective to remove certain differences of opinion among people of the minority community so that we can overcome the polarisation efforts by some vested interests. Than only can we ensure safeguard of constitutional rights of every citizen of the country.”

Edited By: Imtiaz Ahmed
Published On: Feb 07, 2021