An ultra-communal force of policymakers out to make India a one-religion nation: Hiren Gohain

An ultra-communal force of policymakers out to make India a one-religion nation: Hiren Gohain


GUWAHATI: Noted intellectual Hiren Gohain today said a certain ultra-communal force of policymakers was out to make India a one-religion nation and was unleashing a reign of persecution against the minorities.

Addressing a citizens’ convention on the ‘Role of the civil society, especially the minorities, in protecting democracy, secularism and socio-cultural unity of the country’, organised by Assam Civil Society, a progressive citizens’ organisation, here today, Gohain said a section of policymakers was encouraging social differences by raising objections and enacting laws against marriage between two like-minded persons.

Apparently referring to the Hindutva ideology, he said a communal force has gained ground due to laxity on the part of governments following that of PV Narasimha Rao and the force was not out to persecute minorities in India.

“The particular section of vested interests has been working on an agenda of sidelining the Constitution to fulfill their petty interests,” he said.

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Stating that the communal force was always on the lookout for shortcomings or mistakes of anyone from the minority community to rake up a row, he cited the recent example of All India United Democratic Front chief Badruddin Ajmal of addressing Srimanta Sankardeva as Sankardev Saheb for which minority leader had to apologise. “It may not be culturally appropriate, but there was nothing wrong in expressing his respect to the saint in a different language,” he said.

Addressing the same convention, attended by over 600 representatives from societies from across the state, editor-in-chief of Prag News Prashanta Rajguru took a dig at the justice system of the country. “Court verdicts in our country are no longer based on documents or evidences. Verdicts come on the basis of faith. India is the only country where verdicts are based on faith.”

Stating that not only are the minorities and farmers unsafe in India, he also noted that even intellectuals are under threat. “None can now write on the basis of their intellect … Even journalism is not spared. About 800 scribes who do not compromise with their intellect and conscience are fired over the past five years. They are now dependent on social media and news portals to pursue their journalism,” Rajguru said.

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Apparently referring to Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti leader Akhil Gogoi and other jailed Leftist leaders, he said: “Democratic revolutionaries are branded as urban Naxalites and are put behind bars.”

He also referred to some eight intellectuals and artistes being incarcerated over the past two years on charges of conspiring to dislodge government. “However, the evidences against them are forged by hacking their email and social media accounts,” he said.

“Similarly, the Tablighis of Delhi were blamed for spreading coronavirus in India. A video of the preacher was repeatedly telecast on a section of television to tarnish his image. However, the government could not arrest him over the past year because the video was doctored. It was a compilation of clips from 30 videos stitched together over one week to make the video,” he added.

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He also stretched on the importance of mainstream education for the East Bengal-origin minority community women.

Taking note of Ajmal leading the minority politics in Assam, Rajguru said both Muslim and Hindu political leaders are making religion and polarization their basis of politics which is detrimental to the political scenario of a nation.