Assam CM silent on ULFA-I threat to Bengalis, alleges Barak Development Front

Assam CM silent on ULFA-I threat to Bengalis, alleges Barak Development Front

The Barak Development Front accuses Assam's Chief Minister of staying silent on the threat posed by the United Liberation Front of Assam - Independent (ULFA-I) to the Bengali community. The Chief Minister has yet to respond to these allegations.

Assam CM silent on ULFA-I threat to Bengalis, alleges Barak Development Front Assam CM silent on ULFA-I threat to Bengalis, alleges Barak Development Front

In the wake of escalating threats posed by the United Liberation Front of Asom-Independent (ULFA-I) on Bengali speaking people in Assam, the Barak Democratic Front (BDF) has now called upon the Bengali community in the state, regardless of religious distinctions, to unite in the face of these challenges, citing the need for the preservation of their cultural existence.

BDF's Chief Convenor Joydeep Bhattacharjee on October 27 voiced concerns, suggesting a potential political motive behind these incidents.

Joydeep Bhattacharjee pointed out that the political rights of Bengalis were initially curtailed through delimitation. Subsequently, the land rights of Bengalis living on khas land in the Brahmaputra Valley, irrespective of religious affiliations, were taken away through the Basundhara app. He further expressed alarm over threats by the terrorist organization ULFA-I, although their demand for Barak's separation does not directly involve the Bengali community statewide.

Moreover, he said that Bengali language banners were vandalized and disrupted puja pandal decorations were disrupted. Despite these alarming developments, the Chief Minister and the state government remain conspicuously silent on the issues.

Bhattacharjee questioned whether these activities have the tacit support and approval of the government stating the Chief Minister's responsibility towards the Bengali Hindu community who played a significant role in bringing the government to power. He noted that the Bangladeshi government had ensured the safety of pujas and cited the support of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for the Hindu community's religious freedom.

The BDF Convener expressed concerns that these incidents aim to create an atmosphere of threat and terror, potentially influencing Bengalis to vote for the ruling party in upcoming elections, in an attempt to alleviate their grievances through the ballot box.

He stressed the urgent need for Bengalis, regardless of their religious background to unite and send a signal to the government to address these issues. Bhattacharjee also raised questions about the feasibility of Bengalis who previously identified as Assamese returning to West Bengal, considering the ongoing history of deprivation.

Hrishikesh Dey, another BDF convener, highlighted their struggle against the government's violation of the language law in Silchar, which led to arrests and FIRs against their members. Dey criticized the government's silence in the face of attacks on Bengali banners during pujas and questioned the impartiality of law enforcement.

He noted that the ruling party's Rural Development Minister, Ranjit Das, stood in support of the perpetrators of the attacks, signaling a concerning attitude of the party toward Bengalis in Assam.

Edited By: Bikash Chetry
Published On: Oct 27, 2023